Expecting Cold Weather

>> Friday, November 25, 2011

I’ll start making the list for our December fellowship vacation in Baguio. I need to make because I don’t want to forget anything except those things that can be bought in the stores there. Actually we need not buy our food supplies here because we need to travel light and there are stores there where we can get everything we need. As soon as we arrived there we’ll be allocating some time to buy all the food and groceries we need for our four-day supply.

We’ll be eating outside the house every lunch so we’ll buy breakfast and dinner supplies only. We’ve finalized itinerary and schedule of fellowship so each family can make their own schedule for visiting nice spots in the place. Now I’m taking notes of the clothes I should bring for the kids especially their warm nightwear and pajamas because we’re really expecting a low temperature weather in Baguio on the last days of December. My friend who lives there all her life joked about that no one wears lingerie babydolls on those cold seasons as you’ll freeze with the outfit. Anyway we have no intention as I’m very weak with cold weather. Even here in our place I always wear cardigans at night.


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