Spending the Long Weekend

>> Monday, June 20, 2011

It’s a holiday today, the 150th birthday of our dear old national hero and as always I’m so glad to spent the extended weekend with my family. I’ve allowed the girls to enjoy the day since DH and the little boy went to the swimming activity of the church in Calamba. I wanted to catch up on my sleep and rest so I decided not to go together with my girls. I let them have some time with their computer and look for the video cables to turn on the player for their fave movie. 

Since their youngest brother is enjoying his day out I want them to enjoy the day as well so I let them wake up late, open their FB, let them play some games and have their favorite foods today especially their requested spaghetti. Although I’m rushing up my online tasks I’ve done some cooking first before letting my tasks written and submitted. Tomorrow I will not be able to cook all their whims because I’m going to office and they’ll be busy in school also.


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