Fear of Heights

>> Monday, June 20, 2011

When I’m on my way to my office I always get to see the towering buildings beside our own and I can’t seem to overcome my fear for height as merely seeing them makes me feel dizzy. Well I’ve overcome my fear for heights a bit when I accepted my new job in a telecom equipment company but when I pass through the new prefabricated buildings across the street I get goose bumps on imagining what if it suddenly crumbles on the ground. Forgive me for thinking like this it’s just the other weak side of me.

Anyway I’m happy and not all afraid that something might happen when I’m in my 32nd floor office. I know that God will always protect me from harm. When I asked Pastor’s advice last summer about the job offered me and the risk I’m taking with the work location he told me that God will never let any disaster pass through the building and the whole area while I’m there working. He’ll also protect the source of my living and will always guide me wherever I am. At that I feel so blessed.


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