What Should You Work With?

>> Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've been sitting in front of my laptop almost the whole day and I just want to have a break somehow.  I answered this quiz about personality and about the things I should work with.  I was surprised with the results as it says it would kill me to be at desk job all day which is precisely what I'm doing right now lol! Yes I don't really like sitting for long but I have no choice most of the times because of the heavy work load of my job.  
Don't get me wrong I love the workload as it also means more income for my family.  It's just that I have to break from it sometimes.

The result is near to truth as I really like moving around if time permits.  I also like mastering hard tasks because challenges excite me.  I remember getting bored in accounting department after several years of doing it because I don't like jobs that you'll only repeat day after day.  Anyway I'm just working at home but writing doesn’t bore me.

Here's the result of my test:

You Should Work with Things

You are a very hands on sort of person. You like doing physical work and moving around.
It would kill you to be at a desk job all day. You don't like to sit still for too long.

You are very energetic, and you get bored if you aren't able to channel your hyperactivity.
You are good at mastering difficult tasks. You have excellent eye hand coordination, and you are quite graceful.


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