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>> Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My work experience in my last job entails me to know things about finance and accounting even though I’m not a graduate of such degree. I was assigned to supervise Accounting Department and because of that I was forced to learn basic knowledge in accounting. Handling payroll proved to be not as hard as I imagined at first. It’s actually an easier task than my other jobs. I’m a graduate of computer engineering course and I had no problem with computation and financial statistics. I learned payroll preparation, bookkeeping, handling account receivables and payables and some other things needed in Accounting Department. When the company expanded they hired accounting staff for me. 

With all these responsibilities in Finance, Admin and Human Resource I didn’t involved myself in tax preparation as I deemed the work would be appropriate only for accounting graduates. There are plenty of things to learn and to keep in mind to adhere to government rules and legalities. I helped with the employees’ computation of tax returns and I find it tasking to do it manually. I’m glad that they have a program where you can put all the names and information needed to produce needed result. It’s a lot of help just like what I found online now wherein they uses Direct Deposit Tax Return

With this new innovation in getting your tax return faster I really think people can get the best of their returns now. You just have to file your tax return online using the ezTaxReturn and then have it available on your new prepaid card and you’ll get it in 8 days. Wow! It’s so fast! You also have the chance for bigger refund. Rest assured it’s secured, safe and quicker too! You can visit Account Now Facebook or their twitter to get yourself acquainted with their services. You will also have to ask your employer to place your pay check into your prepaid account.


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