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>> Saturday, March 12, 2011

My former officemate and friend is really a nurse but she stopped at that time and tried to experience the life of the corporate world. She was employed as secretary and has shown so much interest in her work while practicing her medical knowledge on her family and on us when we need some advice for our babies. She was really a handful of knowledge then for us until the day that she realized she must return and practice her real profession. When I first saw her in nursing uniforms scrub I really thought that it’s really her world as she fits my idea of a true healthcare professional, very neat and proficient in her work. She still looks as beautiful as ever even in her white uniform.

Now she’s based in US for good and we just see each other in FB. Well I don’t see her in uniform now but when I see someone like her I can still imagine how she may look in the modern medical scrubs these days. With the latest trend in style and color she’ll surely look very chic on it especially those of Blue Sky Scrubs because they’re not only made in high quality but of stylish designs as well.

It’s easier to look more fashionable for the medical staff now that they can search, choose and buy scrubs online for the uniforms they want. This way they can save time and effort in going to stores on foot. With the help of online sites like Blue Sky Scrubs they can choose from among variety of styles and colors like ceil blue, green, pink, chocolate, lilac, navy blue and a lot more.


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