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>> Thursday, March 17, 2011

We're now planning for our summer camp meeting next month in time for the Holy Week season. We always do our summer camp meeting fellowship every year and we hold it in faraway provinces just like we're having a vacation at the same time. We've always had them far from our own places, but this time we're going to hold it in the hills of the town next to us. We're all excited for the day as if we were really on a vacation, but this one is our outdoor fellowship services where we sleep in tents and camp in villas and gardens.

After the camp meeting we're planning to look for affordable family vacations to release the stress and tiredness of the past several months. We're taking advantage of the kids' summer vacation and school break because after this summer they're back again for another school year. Anyway, we're just staying domestic as we still don't have time and funds for a grand vacation somewhere in the Caribbean, like my friend did for the past couple of months.

I know that there are family all inclusive vacations available online where you can book directly, but I think I need more time to save for it. But for those who are intending to go on this kind of vacation, Breezes Resorts offer all inclusive vacation packages which include accommodations in one of their hotels, meals, drinks, sports activities and also entertainment for the whole family. This package has enough activities for the young and adults like beach volleyball, tennis, surfing, waterfall climbing, horseback riding, polo and even golf.

When I pull the funds together, I will be going to to book one of their affordable family vacations, and I can't wait!


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