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>> Monday, March 7, 2011

Having a baby is an exciting thought to a family especially if it’s the first time for a couple to have one. I remember my own pregnancy when the whole family was excited over what I eat, what I do and what I wear. Of course the husband will do everything just to keep me comfortable and satisfied with all the foods that I want to eat. Anyway it’s not that hard on him as I don’t ask things and foods that are hard to get. I just love fish, vegetables, fruits and all natural foods. Unlike others who find it hard to think of what to eat I didn’t experienced it and my work helped me to be not so sensitive on things. I don’t sleep on afternoons or taking siesta because I’m working the whole week that’s why I didn’t have problems on indulging on too much sleep. 

My only problem is coping up with my Maternity Clothes when I was pregnant. I was working in corporate office and being an officer then I should dress good enough for my position. I didn’t want to look like I’m at home wearing very comfortable dresses. Finding dresses proved to be tasking as you’ll look at the malls and stores just to have nice working clothes. I didn’t want shopping on foot when I was pregnant because I’m already tired from an 8-hour job. I noticed that now it’s not a problem anymore as you can buy them online. 

EMommie made this possible as they offer beautiful clothes for pregnant and nursing women online. They have everything you need in your work clothes, house wear and for special occasions too. They have tops, bottoms, shirts, skirts, dresses, lingerie, outerwear and a lot more. They even have baby gears for your cute little ones. Visit them now for all your maternity wear needs and avail also of their clearance sale.


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