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>> Monday, March 7, 2011

Our daughter is graduating from primary school next month and we’re planning some things to prepare for his secondary schooling next school year. She will be joining her elder sister now and we’re aware that we need additional finances for her as she will be enrolled in the same Christian school while the youngest is in a different Christian school. We know it’s quite a big amount that we will need for their enrolment but we’re praying for God’s provisions and exerting extra effort to earn more. We’re now thinking of putting up a small business to augment our income. We’re heading our eye on the custom concessions business we’ve seen in one of the rooms in our rented building for the church.

They’re selling franchise opportunities for those who want to start a business using their concessions trailers. The trailers are mostly food carts selling hotdogs, burgers, noodles, barbecues and some other food on-the-go meaning it can be mobile trailers. I know how it sells to the public and you just have to know the place where there are plenty of customers and that’s it. It’s like the Custom Concessions where they built custom built concession trailers depending on the kind of mobile business you want. With the quality of work they have and the warranty of repair and technical support you’re on your way to heading up to a successful business.


roy xonie March 7, 2011 at 7:18 PM  

for any successful food concession trailer business, choosing the right trailer comes b4 attracting may go for custom built trailer as per his specs or have used one for real profit.

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