The Swingline DS22-13 Shredder: Perfect for Your Busy Office

>> Thursday, February 3, 2011

Many companies make great paper shredders and one of them is Swingline. This company is primarily known for manufacturing high-quality staplers but their shredders – such as the DS22-13 – also warrant a look. The DS22-13 is a departmental device and is stands out for many reasons. Here are a few of them:
  • Since the DS22-13 is a departmental shredder, it can be shared among a group of colleagues. The machine can run continuously so people can shred as needed. It also has a 22-gallon waste bin.
  • Swingline realizes that information often appears on non-paper items. Thus, the DS22-13 was designed to shred credit cards and CD's so your information won't be made public. The machine will also destroy paper clips and staples.
  • This strip-cut shredder offers a good amount of security thanks to its Level 2 security rating. You can shred a variety of documents with this device including bank statements and junk mail.
  • The DS22-13 is equipped with a paper overfeed indicator so you won't end up cleaning a lot of a paper jams. Also, the machine will let you know when the waste bin is full so you can empty it and keep shredding.
The Swingline DS11-13 is the perfect paper shredder for busy offices and it's one that will make you proud to own Swingline products. Check out the DS22-13 today!


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