Pricing – Are Online Fax Services Worth It?

>> Friday, February 4, 2011

There are many companies who are offering fax services via the Internet. But before you toss away your traditional fax machine, it is time to get out the calculator and begin price comparison.

The traditional fax machine, depending on the volume of faxing you do per month, will help you figure out, per month, the cost. By adding up the reams of paper you use, how often you have to change the toner and ink cartridge, in addition to the price of the utility costs, will help you figure out the price per month for taking care of all your faxing needs in-house.

Most online fax services are available on a subscription basis. The subscriptions are varied and usually accommodate pricing according to how many faxed pages are sent and received each month. Some services even stipulate price according to the number of people to whom you send faxes to per month.

Another consideration are overage costs, which simply means that if you send or receive more faxes than your contract stipulates, you will be charged an additional fee for each page over the contracted limit.

Keeping in mind that online fax vendor services are a for profit entity, pricing is designed to make money, the most possible for the company. It is therefore prudent for you the consumer to find a vendor with a price per month package that amounts to less than the cost per month you are paying to fax from the office, which is when pricing comparison should be vigorously researched.

For instance, make sure that you are getting the best service for your money by determining the services reliability, convenience and customer service access. 

Understanding surcharges, overage costs, service charges, and anything else that may influence the initial price of the package above and beyond the contracted amount can greatly affect price as the month progresses.

No one likes to be quoted a price per month then have a bill arrive a month later that is double or even triple the contracted cost only to come to find out that the fine print stated an extra fee for other services that you were never made aware.

So do not let a pricing war happen to you because you were “unaware” of the fine print. If you are ready to commit to an online fax service, go over every pricing nuance of the service with someone from customer service before committing and make sure everything is in big bold writing. Beware of a contract with a lot of fine print and if that is the case, go over every word that is in fine print. If you do not like the terms after reading the contract in its entirety then you do not have to sign and can begin looking for another vendor.


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