Following Dad’s Footsteps

>> Friday, September 17, 2010

My nephew has started to pursue a career in engineering field and because his school is a four-semester college he will be able to graduate in college younger than others. His five-year course taking up Civil Engineering will be finished in four years’ time thus a strict study schedule is a must. As of my last conversation to him he told me that he’s fairly coping up with the pressure of studies and he has his Dad to teach him whatever he ask because he’s taking up the same career of his father. 

My brother was actually very happy on their enrolment that his eldest son wants to follow his steps even if taking up engineering course is not that easy. Anyway the pressures are not visible in my nephew’s face and I know he will not have a need for the products I read on proactive reviews. Although I don’t regret reading some acne-treatment solutions on the review I’m glad that my nephew has taken care of his skin well. I can just relate what I learned from the review to anyone who needs it. That way I can help them in avoiding some skin diseases.


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