Abnormal Working Schedule

>> Friday, September 17, 2010

When I was working for a consultancy firm we had the worst working schedule because we used to work for two or three consecutive days without normal sleep. We usually take a nap for about two hours and then we’ll go back again to work. We’re working on bidding proposals and we worked continuously until submission date. I just can’t figure out why some employers wanted to work on rush days near the due dates. We’re given three weeks allowance to do proposals but until the last week we keep on repeating the work and finalizing only on the last days. 

Because of our abnormal or no sleeping hours our body got accustomed to working overnight and when our schedule went back to normal hours we became insomniac. I was actually finding ways on getting back to normal sleeping habit without using the best sleep aid I found online while browsing through the net. I might have a use for it in the coming days as my sleeping hours now are quite abnormal and shortened.


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