Feeling Lighter with Walking Exercise

>> Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I feel great these past few weeks as I’m getting back to my old walking exercises. When DD started her summer refresher course I didn’t hire their school service but instead assigned myself in fetching her every morning. DH offered to drop her in going to school so in the second week I was there for DD to fetch her. Since I haven’t buy or follow any weight loss formula other than my semi-cleansing meal plan I started my walking exercise. It was the perfect time for me as I can walk from the corner of the street to the school and back again.

It’s a morning class so when we go home the sun is only starting to send its heat. Now when I count the kilometers I walk every morning I was glad to note that I walk around 2 kilometers in the morning and another 1 kilometer in the late afternoon in our community grounds. I know its doing me good not only to look slimmer but to feel fit also. I feel lighter now than I was 2 months ago and it’s a great feeling.


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