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Are you the regular employee who has an 8am-5pm schedule? Chances are you’re always looking for the much awaited bell in the bundy informing everyone that it’s 5:00 pm already. I’ve worked for 19 years in 5 companies but it’s not always been an 8-5 work schedule for me as I had jobs with shifting schedule.

I experienced a three shifting work schedule and rounded almost all of the shifts including 6am-2pm, 2-10pm and 10pm-6am when I was in my first job in semi-conductor/electronics Company. I love the night schedule as it seems faster than any shift we have. In the government where I worked in an 8-5 schedule the employees really get out at exactly 5 pm unlike when I transferred in private companies where schedule is more flexible depending on your kind of work. I used to go home past 5pm or later if my boss required me to finish our bidding proposals.

I hate rushing up to go out of the office at exactly 5pm because I don’t want to feel banded by time constraints. I had a very difficult multi-tasking job and before I go home I want to relax a bit, have coffee and tidy all my things and my seatmate’s table before I go out of the office. I don’t want to work the next morning with plenty of due tasks so I end the day with my work completed or updated. When I already have kids I rushed going home but I never beat the 5pm clock. I chose the 9-6 schedule so I have ample time in the morning to arrange my kids’ things in going to school and prepare their food for the whole day.

Now it’s easier to work at home because you have the ability to manage your time, more flexible and perfect for Moms like me. How about you? Do you manage your work time well?


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