Parting With Our Car

>> Saturday, March 27, 2010

Our car which I’ve bought from my employer has been damaged by the flood that hit Metropolis last year and because DH has no time to monitor its repair it was shelve for months. Our mechanic had so many cars in line to repair hence our car waited for him to be vacant. Lately we’ve been using brother’s pickup for our service in attending Sunday service and we thought of buying a bigger vehicle than our Nissan Sentra. I’m looking for a cheap auto insurance quotes for the car but I stopped getting one because we talked about if we’re going to have it repaired or sell as it is.

Many buyers are offering me to sell the car but I wouldn’t hear of it because the car has a sentimental value to me as its part of my separation pay from my former job. We used the car for five years and it has served us on our travel trips to Cavite, Tagaytay City, Laguna and other missionary travel in our church. It’s like a family member to us and as such parting is a hard thing for all of us especially to me as it’s a remembrance of my 16 years employment with DSI and BT&T.

But when we looked at the damages it has suffered it would take us some finances to get it running again like the way it used to be and we also have to replace the body if we really want it to be well maintained. We’ve decided to sell it and I’ve chosen the buyer that will restore it to its normal condition. I rejected those who want to pick only the parts they want and junk the others. I’m sure that my buyer who is a mechanic also will make it good again and I hope to see it one day running again.


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