Family Vacation This Month

>> Thursday, January 21, 2010

Since I had a bad fall last month I’m not the usual me in everything that I do. I’m weaker now and having my energy lasting for some hours only. I used to be a very energetic person and I do my chores super fast that my family would always call me super mom. Now I feel slightly bad that I can’t do things the way I can previously that I’m planning to have a vacation sometime this month or next month. Since I can’t have it on my own as I also want my kids and hubby with me I’m planning a weekend family vacation so they can come without affecting their school activities and hubby’s work. I know with proper sleep, rest and relaxation I can bring back my body’s health back to its normal condition.

If only we have more funds for our vacation I would also love a vacation somewhere along the beach resorts like in Karisma Resorts where they offer family vacation packages including good gourmet foods, luxury accommodations, entertainment, sports and the beautiful scenic view of the sea from where you’re staying in. Beautiful isn’t it? Well it’s not an impossible thing, who knows!


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