Tired But Inspired

>> Tuesday, October 27, 2009

It’s only hours before midnight and I just started doing my online tasks. I’ve been very busy with household matters and preparation of Josh’ costume the whole day that I earlier planned to do some writing and posting in the evening. It’s easier that way because I’m more relaxed and able to think clearly. After seeing that my kids have finished with their dinner and assignments I prepared myself for my due online work only to find myself tired and sleepy to even think and type a sentence. I rested for about an hour and when I feel that my brains will function normally I headed for my PC to start blogging. Just when some of my blogger friends are saying good night I just said hello and good evening.

Sometimes I really felt sleepy after a long day of going to my kids’ school, attending meetings, grocering and a lot more things. I often schedule my online work at night when everything is finished and completed. Having three schooling children is not a joke when it comes to household chores and parenting but the happiness you get from them is immeasurable that’s why I’m always inspired in writing and working. I’m just lucky that hubby can still massage my forehead even if he’s tired from his whole day’s work. His massage work wonders on my headache and tiredness that I can still work up to midnight or beyond that time.


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