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>> Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Communication is very important in our lives and we uses different medium in order to communicate. If we want to send a fast message to our friends or talk to them wherever they are we use mobile phone for easy communication. If we want to send letters, images, videos or soft copy of documents we use email to assure fast processing and acceptance. Some are still using snail mail for greeting cards and postcards but majority relies on the internet for faster communication like instant messaging such YM, Chikka, Twitter and many others. Sometimes I wonder what the world will be like when there’s no communication. The world will be so silent and quiet because conversation is also considered as communication. It really plays a major role in our lives.

Now if we talk business we will be dealing with volume of calls because big and small businesses use business phone system to cope with their business requirement and with interacting with clients and providers. I worked for six years in a small telecommunications company which offers cheap international call rates and termination services to local and international clients. We’re also a VoIP provider and I know how it helps reduced the rate of termination calls. Anyway I’ve resigned from my former job to be work-at-home Mom so I shouldn’t be telling about what our company offers.

I just want to share what I know of VoIP and the advantages of using it. Well I read about Vocalocity hosted pbx which uses the same VoIP technology as with my previous company and I became interested in their services. It’s what every company dreamed of in a business phone system. It’s more affordable and no need to maintain any equipment. Getting the advantages of having a dependable, flexible and advanced phone service over the internet need not be expensive.

Hosted PBX works perfectly in today’s modern businesses. You don’t have to worry about anything as they maintain the equipment on an off-site hosting, host the software and responsible for any upgrade that you will need in the future. It’s all you need for your phone system, unlimited usage for one flat fee, no binding contracts, reliable VoIP consultant and a lot of savings for a complete advanced system that will cater to all your needs.


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