The Reason for the Season!

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

It’s just two months now before the biggest celebrated occasion around the globe and people are so busy with their gift list and holiday preparation. All people from all walks of life are all excited with this occasion where family bonding and love sharing is strongly encouraged. I remember my school days when my days would be complete if I received cards from many of my friends. That’s how I know if many like to be my friend.

Even if today’s modern technology such as instant messaging allow us to communicate faster its still best to send christmas cards to our distant relatives, family and friends. It’s still sweet receiving cards from your loved ones especially if it’s meant to show how much the sender loves the recipient.

The only problem with sending cards is the time you’ll allot for the period that it will be bought, signed and delivered. It took some time to visit bookstores for those little greeting cards. Now for busy people who have no time to choose and buy Christmas cards you’ll be happy to know that you can order your cards online at You can choose between their classic types and personalized ones which is more sentimental than the first type. You can put in more personal touches on the cards so it will look more like you. What caught my attention were the beautiful recycled cards I’ve seen in their various card types. The cards were recycled to help support the drive to protect the environment.

But what is really the meaning of Christmas? Is it just the giving of gifts and cards the reason for this season? The true spirit of Christmas is the love that you can give to your brethren and it’s not important how nice and how expensive your gift is just as long as you give it with love. I should say it’s the best gift ever because it’s packed and wrapped with love. And did you know that the reason for this season is Christ? Yes he’s the real reason.


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