Enjoyable Ride with Kia Forte

>> Friday, October 30, 2009

Almost all men I know likes car. I know this from my father to my cousins and to my brother who derived the passion for loving cars since his childhood. He loves miniature model cars and he collects them when he’s only a kid. Later when he grew up he bought a pickup to use on his first construction project. I saw the excitement on his face when he first showed it to us.

As time goes by he bought a car because he needed to look more professional in dealing with his clients. Though he changes cars depending on his specific needs he always have one car to remain for his everyday use. Oh well a car nowadays are a necessity so it’s better to at least own one car for family’s use. It shouldn’t be too hard on the budget as there are pre-owned cars for sale which are somewhat affordable.

For those who can afford to buy a brand new expensive car they wanted elegance, style and they always search for great performance in cars. I just don’t know if my friend have seen this new kia forte I’ve seen in Car Connection. This kia forte has earned praises for its elegant good looks and while having the elements of more expensive cars its affordability can’t compare with those expensive cars. It’s price is still competitive compared with other small sedans.

When it comes to safety features it has side airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control and front active headrests. For those who wants cool features it has a Bluetooth, satellite radio,an input for audio system, controls for the steering wheel and voice activation. It has minor imperfections though as it has an awkward clutch coordination for manual transmission so it’s better to get the automatic. With these features from kia forte in overall performance it gives a good deal of driving satisfaction that can be comparable to other car brands. It will give the buyer a worth for his money with the kia forte’s elegant good looks and a much more enjoyable drive.


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