Our Welder’s Safety Glasses

>> Monday, October 26, 2009

We were having our steel gate repaired because rust is slowly forming at the bottom so I just instructed the welder to replace the plain aluminum bottom area with the same design as with the top. I just want to make sure that when they install the gate it would last for a long time rust-free so I replaced the area with small rusts forming. The result is beautiful as it add some style to the gate unlike the previous design which was so plain and simple.

Anyway I find the welder’s safety glasses unique as it resembles my Mom’s protective glasses when her cataract was removed. When I told the welder that it’s like my Mom’s glasses he told me that his safety glasses was missing and he’s using his Mom’s eyeglasses for the meantime. His Mom’s eyes were also operated the reason why he has the same protective glasses. Funny glasses for a welder!


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