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>> Monday, October 26, 2009

We had a meeting yesterday at the church about our coming camp meeting fellowship which will be held in time for holiday season. The camp will run for four days so we need a lot of preparation because all things must be complete and ready for 4-day supply of clothes, food and other basic essentials. Our camping place is a 3-hectare villa with banana and other fruit plantations and a resort also on the other side of the villa. The place is far from the nearest town market so we should think of foods that will last for four days without being spoiled. The answer to this is cooking foods in a good preservative recipe and bringing canned foods and easy-to-cook packed meals.

Anyway we were trained for these things so it will not be much of a problem. Our problem is actually one bigger vehicle for us and our other brethren because as of now we only have 4 vehicles. I was thinking that a motor home would be perfect for us if only we have one. I will not buy of course as it’s too expensive I just saw some offers of rv financing for brand new and used RVs. Well it’s just a thought nothing more and I just love looking at motor homes, it thrills me to dream of having one.


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