How I Started Blogging

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I never knew that I can be attached to blogging as intensely as now. It just started as a try out when my friend introduced me to it. I started out in bravejournal which is a free hosted blog and that lead to another and another. I’ve tried blogspot and that encouraged me to move from free hosted blog to my own domain name. I was very excited to purchase a domain which carries my first name. It was a new experience for me as I would say my first name with a dotcom every time my friends ask me. Redirecting my blogs to its domain name was another thing as I’ve diligently followed my friend’s tutorial on redirecting blogs. JennyL was way ahead of me with owning her own domain and redirection so I have a willing tutor.

I was amazed at how fast time flies as I began blogging in 2007 and still actively updating my blogs especially three of my five blogs as they’re all hosted with two of the top ten web hosting companies we have. Why I know the top ten companies? I learned them from searching and from reading reviews. It’s very important to know the capabilities and features of web hosting company you’ll get because it will determine your blog’s capacity also. Anyway for those who want to get into the blogging world be sure you have the right knowledge before picking on the right web hosting company for your blog. And when you’re into it be patient with instructions and you’ll soon blog intensely like me.


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