10 Things That Makes Me Feel Old

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This week's theme are those things that make us feel old. Actually I'm not much of the type who think of my age all the time. I think being so busy with life deprived you of thinking too much, now I'm thankful that being busy has its own advantages :-) Anyway as I think about it here are my list (not so serious though)

  1. Slow metabolism as I gain pounds so easily even if I'm super active.
  2. My 12-year old eldest daughter suddenly looks like a young lady and she's almost my height now
  3. Slight change in my vision, I'm nearsighted since college but even if I'm reading near objects I used to wear my nearsighted eyeglasses, now when I read small printed documents I have to remove my eyeglasses to read it perfectly.
  4. My hair has never been dyed since birth because I used to have very black hair, now that I reached 41 years few gray hairs started showing in my hair. Well I should be thankful as it's only now that I experienced that.
  5. More and more people call me 'Ate' which makes me feel that I'm older than them even if sometimes they look matured than me.
  6. I'm acting like my Mom used to be when we were teens :-) I read somewhere that when you grow old you tend to be like your Mom.
  7. I can walk 2 kms. in 20-25 minutes unlike before (around 10 years ago) that I can walk the same distance in 15-20 minutes! I used to join walkathon :-)
  8. I'm more patient and understanding now and I think it goes with the age
  9. Seeing officemates come and go and you're still left. Then they will all call and email and ask you if you're still with the company and you're the only person left in your batch.
  10. Receiving certificate of length of service on company anniversaries and christmas parties and when your co-recipient is much much old, it really makes me feel old :-)
Happy Tuesday guys! See other participants here!


Joanne October 14, 2009 at 3:46 PM  

Kids these days grow up so fast! Our youngest will be close to my height in the next 2 years :)

Here's my list -> http://www.joannemv.com/?p=216

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