Earning Microsoft Certified IT Professional Credential

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

Years of staying in a consultancy firm and telecommunications company has exposed me to the requirements and qualifications to enter certain project contracts. In bidding for consultancy works the largest percentage or criteria goes to human resources or the proposed staff for the bidded project. You must propose a group of well qualified manpower personnel in order to win. In my experience as the supervisor in handling Technical Proposal group I was trained to identify flaws in applicant’s biodata. I have to identify and study their educational qualifications, training and seminars attended, work experiences and professional licenses or certifications.

In my last technical proposal that I’ve done with them we were bidding for a contractor service for a large Asian company. We were hoping to get the contract for Helpdesk and IT Operations. It’s a big project and we really needed it to deploy our technical staff that is nearing their contract end. We were surprised by the guidelines that a big score will be given if the principal key staff proposed has an IT certifications like mcitp boot camp. We have I think 3 staff that has the required certifications but we didn’t win anyway because others have more staff with certifications.I read a lot and in browsing I saw MTCIP boot camp classes are being offered online wherein you’ll learn Microsoft technologies very well. I suddenly remembered our past bidding. If only we had some of our staff enrolled in certification training like this we would have won the project. The project is big enough to give employment to a large number of staff. I was really interested in what I’ve found online.

As a computer engineering graduate myself I also want to enhance my skills and earn a Microsoft Certified IT Professional credential as I’ve changed my line of work a long time. My work entailed me to learn human resources and accounting leaving computer enhancements on the side. Well I’ve resigned from my job now and I have all the time in the world to learn everything I want to.


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