Beating Deadlines

>> Saturday, September 19, 2009

It’s raining heavily again and I was worried that electricity will turn off because of the thunderstorm and heavy rains, sometimes the electric provider do that for precautionary measures or if some transformers malfunctioned. Know why I’m worried? I’ve got plenty of online tasks to do and without power and internet I won’t be able to do those tasks and submit. I always tell myself to be a disciplined worker and refrain from doing the tasks on due dates, at least one day before deadline is good enough.

Anyway I’m good at beating the deadlines and I write better sometimes lol! I’m not recommending it as it’s a bad habit but sometimes companies only give 2 days allowance and when you have more work lineup you just have to race between time and writing. I still have more to do and I know I can do it faster now as my kids now is watching TV and been so full and satisfied with our snack.


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