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>> Thursday, September 3, 2009

It’s payday once again and it’s my first whole month of getting my salary from my online job which happens to surpass my former work’s salary. I’m so happy that my first month of being a work-at-home has passed already and I can say I can rate myself at 8 out of 10. Well that’s my opinion only because my Mom told me that I’m a 10, mothers are always exaggerated over their children and they thought their kids are the best.

Now I’ve been thinking of buying myself a gift for making it good this month. I should be looking for some nice things online for me. When it comes to shopping for own personal things I should say I’m not the one who will buy expensive clothes, shoes and bags though on several occasions if I really want what I saw on the site I bought some nice ones. It’s just that I’m not the type who cares so seriously about brands. People are different you know.

Now everyone has their own likings and flairs and do you know that I go for home items, gadgets and books? I was excited this morning to browse the net for cooking books and was happy to find one to help me with my baking hobby. I know I can save some money with the use of Books-A-Million coupon when I buy this baking cake book. I just love recipe books that when I have some extra funds I really search for the books I want and use some discount coupons to buy them.

There’s one more thing that I want in the next few months for which I’m saving some of my earned money and that’s the ultra portable laptop I saw last week. I know I can use coupons if you want to buy the laptop but for now I have other priorities so it can wait for now. It’s really fun shopping online even if most of the times I’m just window shopping :-)


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