They'll Use My Recipe

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

Got to hurry up now as I'll be assisting Ruth in her cooking class later in the afternoon. I promised her that I'll drop by their school to hand over my digicam or mobile phone cam. This is their first cooking demonstration for this school year and they will be doing spaghetti which I personally cooked and demonstrated to her last Saturday. She took down notes and even if she's not the leader this time (they're having a roundup of leaders every cooking session) she'll be teaching her group how to cook spaghetti ala mommy - that's me of course :-). She's a big fan of my spaghetti and she told me they'll be using my recipe. Actually to my happiness at what she had told me I made her add a half kilo to her original one kilo recipe in case the teachers would ask for more :-). I paid for the added items.


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