Putting Some Style Into Your Car

>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

When we started owning a car our first objective is to have a vehicle that we can use for our Sunday service and some other church activities. True to our objective our car has been our transport every Sunday and sometimes on midweek bible study. We also used it on camp fellowship which we held on faraway provinces where we bring our basic essentials, food and clothing that will last us for three days. Our car has brought us comfort and ease on travel and we thanked God for giving us an opportunity and means to buy a second hand car.

When we first bought the car it was devoid of style because the original parts and accessories were either worn out or broken. As we’re excited to bring some style and design to our car we looked for some nice auto accessories like lights, floor mats and other items that will fit the car and after doing it the car suddenly turned out stylish enough for our usage. You see cars are like people they should be given proper care, maintenance and some makeover if needed.


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