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>> Saturday, August 22, 2009

It was a very busy and somewhat stressful day as I’ve run a lot of errands for the day; the stressful thing about my day is thinking about my online tasks and not having the time to do it. I’m just happy that Redge and I finally decided on the Sunday school chairs that I wanted to buy last week. We’re lucky to secure the stocks and colors that we need. We’ve just transferred to a new church location and I thought some kiddie monoblock chairs would be nice for the kids in school; they will surely love using it in Sunday school.

I’m glad that despite the busy weekend schedule I finally made it to my PC and started my online tasks. Sometimes I feel that being a work-at-home Mom is a lot busier than my office world, well thinking positively I’ve proven myself that I can do various things at one time and I can take care of my kids by myself while working to help hubby with financial matters. He told me that he really appreciates helping him but he wanted me to rest early in the night as my eyes would suffer from the stress of too much exposure on the screen.

Actually we were discussing that if only he can apply for a leave we can rest for a while and go with our vacation plans, no not as luxurious as romantic vacation riviera maya but as relaxing and as peaceful I might say. Of course it would be on white-sand beach only as the sea and the sky above it has a calming effect on me especially when I get to watch the sunset. That’s what I really need, a beach vacation.


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