On Discovering Illegal Activities

>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If there’s anything that I think is a lot of help in fighting crime and illegal matters it is in investigating and monitoring the activities of suspected group of people. I’ve been watching a late show on weekends featuring crimes and illegal activities that were caught in the act. It was for me a risky job for the people who are doing it but it was also a courageous act. I was amazed at their style of doing it using private people to pose as customers with hidden camera inside their clothes so they can have evidences of the illegal acts committed. Then they will use it to report to law authorities for further investigation and proof for issuing warrant of arrest.

Due to curiosity on this little piece of helpful gadgets I browsed online for some information and I’ve found out that there are various types of spy camera available depending upon the user’s needs. I’m amazed at the maker’s ideas of using ordinary simple things to hide the spy camera. I’ve browsed for some of their designs and found some really nice ones looking like air ionizer, tissue box, pen, watch and body worn button/screw cameras which are perfect for surveillance. It’s dependable enough to capture and store needed videos. It can also be used on offices and in your own homes.


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