Lovely Babies

>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

I just love babies be it my own or other babies. Now here in our compound there are three babies and another one coming up in the next few month, they’re not mine as my own is already going to be 6 years old next month. The babies I’m referring to are the babies of my two nieces, both daughters of two of my cousins and the babies of our tenants. I’m just excited because my grandkids are both good looking and very cute. We’re happy that we have one boy and one girl here to play; you know babies are really huggable and so soft to touch.

I really can’t get over with my fondness and my camera attests to that because I always take pictures of the two lovable babies namely Princess and Bon Isaac. I’ll post pictures of them sometime. They’re both living elsewhere but on daytime they’re always here to visit their grannies. I always see them arriving on beautiful strollers just like quinny buzz stroller which offers comfort and convenience to infants like our babies here. Strollers are really a lot of help in managing babies and I can really say it because I had three and I must say I’ve used two kinds of strollers for them.


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