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>> Saturday, August 8, 2009

My auntie told me that my new blouse fits me perfectly and I don’t look as fat as I was two weeks ago. She told me that the color is just right for me and advised me to wear sizes like the one I’m wearing at that time so I’ll not look as if I’m pregnant lol! That kept me laughing for awhile because some people mistake me for being pregnant because my stomach are the only areas that seems to get fat.

Now that I’m taking pineapple everyday I’m starting to lose some pounds on the problem areas of my body. I’m starting to think last month that I’ll have a need for diet pills because I really gained some pounds on my last weeks of office works. Luckily I resorted to fruit and vegetable diet on dinner time that’s why I’m slowly shedding some pounds now. Wish it will continue!


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