Emergency Funds

>> Saturday, August 15, 2009

You’ll never really know sometimes when emergency situation arises and you’re left with no money available to use for certain cases like that. It’s good if you have saved some money for extra needs but if you didn’t whose going to save you from your dilemma. When I was still working I’ve known some people in the same company who would risk giving their ATM cards as collateral just to be given a cash advance with high interest to pay for. Well I can’t blame them as a person who really needs money badly can enter a risky agreement like that. At least they have their incoming salaries to pay back cash advances.

Many similar cases happened to my friends as they really need to make both ends meet, those petty cash problems that need immediate funding. Oh well life in the office world is really like that, sometimes your salary is just enough to pay your bills and expenses, you can’t save anymore and in some cases it’s not sufficient! It’s good to know that in case of emergencies they can always avail of payday loans to help them with small emergency needs. That will make life easier to live with.


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