My Things Are Packed

>> Tuesday, July 7, 2009

As I’ve only two weeks to go before I leave my work I started packing my things and sorted out my files. I’m a pioneer of this company which started in 1999 and officially came into operation selling prepaid cards in 2001 when minor telcos are just starting up some communications’ business. I was employed in another company of my boss and at the same time starting the prepaid card business of BT&T. As I’m the starter employee I have all the files since we started and now that I’m retiring I sorted out the very old documents and stored it in the boxes to file it in our storage room.

Actually I felt a little sadness that all my clients were gone now saved for the few big ones and I suddenly remembered the workloads that I used to have, sometimes missing my break time just to beat deadline. When my small corporate and few carrier clients diminished I felt inactive and wanted new things. As excitement in busy work inspires me I decided to move on to other things that will make my day challenging. Now I’m happy that I found what I want and so I’m leaving my work.


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