Summer Camp Day 1

>> Saturday, April 25, 2009

This is a late post but a very memorable activity that I don't want to miss having it in my site.

We had a perfect God-given time on our summer camp fellowship in Indang, Cavite last April 9 & 10. We held it again in Mrs. Dominga's Villa Dominga Forest Resort where fruit bearing trees and beautiful flowers surround the very spacious villa. This time the place has more flowers which are in full bloom especially the sunflowers which are just sprawled wildly beside the rows of banana trees. I reminded myself that it's summer and next month is the flower month so that explains the beautiful blooms around us.

First day was a bit busy as we have to arrange everything we have from the trunk of the car to the hall where we're supposed to stay. Tents were happily assembled by the youth and even children, my kids excitedly assembled their own :-). The ministers and the elders took charge of the pulpit and the conference hall arrangement, the most important area of our camp fellowship. Each of us has our own assignment and we did every little preparations and arrangement before 9am to get ready for our first morning service.

Morning and afternoon services were full of praising and encouraging messages, each minister assigned as exhorter or preacher has his own way of delivering prepared teaching and preaching. Our brethren have a lot of testimonies on how they tried to save money for this camp meeting, some on their trials in life before they become a Christian and now that they're serving the Lord. You can see the tears of happiness on their faces as they testify and thank God for never-ending guidance and blessing.

We had our bonfire after dinner, had some sharing and grilled chicken barbeque. I slept earlier because I want to wake up early for tomorrow's service.

Here are some pics, will post other activities on my Summer Camp Communion and Summer Camp Day 2.


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