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>> Sunday, March 1, 2009

As a mom of three kids one of whom is only on his preschool I make it a point to know their weaknesses in all areas of sickness. My eldest daughter Ruth who is now 11 years old proved to be the most healthy as she’s not easily infected with viral or other diseases unlike my second child Gengen whose susceptive to colds and cough. I gave her natural vitamins coming from citrus fruits to avoid getting viral infections from environment.

On my part I do some researches on our medical books and over the net to know tips and information on getting the best Treatments for Symptoms because it’s always best to know the symptoms so you can prevent your children from getting sick. Like what my mom always told me when we were younger that an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, I think that really makes sense. We as parents should really be responsible for our children’s health because God has entrusted these little angels to us. We must protect them from illness and any other harmful elements that will make them sick.

There are many online sites that provide information on treatment and symptoms on almost all diseases like the usual disease for our elderly family members which are the Alzheimers. I know this disease because my auntie was suspected of having this kind of illness when she reached 60 years old. It was a saddening moment for her only daughter when she learned it because her memory started to lose control then. She would suddenly forget her daughter’s name and sometimes even her way going back her house. You could really know the symptoms of this disease early in time if you know the sites that offer helpful information. For information on disease symptoms and the causes and prevention of Alzheimers, read the article of Dr Daniel Amen. Check out the other Daniel Amen profile here for more helpful information. It’s a great help that nowadays online information can be searched through as easily as this because it can save us money and prevent the sickness from getting worse. That's what you call modernization benefits.


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