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>> Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Our first stop on my kids' educational trip last Saturday was at the Manila Zoo. It's still there in Manila because the supposed relocation was cancelled. It looks like it has been newly cleaned and retouched but some places still looks old to me like the wishing pond which was very dirty and look unkept. Anyway children were excited 'as always' they never seem to run out of energy, don't they?

They were given one hour to round up the place so I got Gen's paper and pen to jot down the animals that they saw (their assignment). I listed elephant, alligator, crocodile, zebra, horse, burmese phyton, snake, turtle, hippopotamus, deer, ostrich, tiger, monkeys, gorilla, birds, rabbit, fishes, painted stork, peacock, eagle, etc.

I'm actually looking for my favorite giraffe and lion but I learned that the lion was transferred to Avalon Zoo and good old giraffe accidentally ate a kind of plastic wrapper that caused him to die, sad! This is the reason why cleanliness is now strictly implemented there. If only people knows how to put their trash in the proper areas my dear giraffe would still be alive now, sad!







Final stop - Souvenir Shop where Josh had his pick of Bow and Arrow!

See pics of our field trip at Gardenia


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