Win's Little Princess

>> Monday, October 13, 2008

Babies are like angels, when they come into this world you feel happy and blessed. That’s the feeling of second-timer parents’ Winroe and Charis. They feel so blessed now that their little princess Kezia Ammiel finally got out of her protected shell inside Charis’ womb, another blessing to her Mom and Dad who has already a 4-year old kid. Everybody keep on telling them that they’re complete already having a boy and now a baby girl. They’re a beautiful pair you know!

Win as we fondly call him here in our office has been my friend for almost 6 years now, a born-again Christian like me whom I share a lot in terms of life’s ups and downs. He’s been a constant listener whenever I feel the pressure of my job and when I feel happy on my family and my achievements. Since he has become a born-again Christian for a year now we also shared God’s wonderful blessing on us, not only on financial or material things but spiritual as well which is more important.


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