Whole Month Birthday!

>> Saturday, September 13, 2008

Josh wanted another birthday again and he wanted a cake also. He kept on telling me if he could have a cake again even if it’s not his birthday anymore. I promised him that I’ll drop by the cake house but my work suddenly necessitates me to stay awhile so the store closed on me. Hubby works in a store located in the mall so I called him to go to any bakeshop that sells cake and buy any kind because I don’t want to break my promise to Josh.

Luckily hubby bought a cake just before the store closed but it’s a simple cake with no icing and decors. It’s a super yummy chocolate chiffon cake and we just decorated it with panda marshmallows. When Josh saw it in the morning he smiled and asked us to put candles and sing happy birthday to him lol! Josh told us that the whole month will be his birthday and asked to buy again next week. I told him that he’ll be a year older if we put candles on it again just joking of course – it’s nice to converse with Josh because he never runs out of reason and humor. It makes me younger! I told Josh that we can buy cakes anytime even if it’s not his birthday but we will not put candles again, anyway he just love cakes don’t you think!


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