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>> Saturday, July 26, 2008

This is my office and guess what I've caught some nice semi-frontal shots of it while waiting for my turn to cross the very dangerous street beside it. I was getting bored while waiting for the cars to slow down a bit so I played with my mobile phonecam and took some pictures of my office building.

It's actually a twin building but geniusly designed to make it look like a whole building. It's named after the family who owned it, it's called the BT&T Center. We're occupying the two mezzanine of the floors, it's reserved for the owner. All floors can be rented except the mezzanine and when you're inside the building you'll feel very private, it's peaceful and quiet inside. The view from glass windows and walls are also spectacular with the eastwood buildings on the left and the hills of Rizal province on the far right.


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