Me and My Mom

>> Thursday, July 24, 2008

Redge took this picture last Mother’s Day and when I saw it I find it very nice. My Mom always look pretty even she’s old already, unlike me who looks what I feel, If I feel happy my pic would be nice but if I’m stressed my pic would look afresh so If I’m tired and stressed I would wear my glasses to hide my weariness.

My younger sis Redge always says to me that me and mom are like super moms and she always joke about me getting the traits and skills of my mom regarding cooking, marketing, being a stage mother lol!and many other things. I was flattered because I look up to my Mom as my ideal person. She brought us up in good faith and disciplines us in not so strict ways. She acted as both our Mom and Dad when my father suffered stroke in his 50’s leaving my Mom to take all the responsibilities on her shoulders-that of caring and working for us. She was a school teacher during that time and inspite of hardships we experienced of having our father in monitored condition we stayed as a happy and successful family.


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