Billboards Disaster

>> Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This is what I saw after the typhoon - a giant billboard that crashed on the roof, a very frightening sight! I was relieved when I saw that the billboard crashed on top of the car repair shop and not on one of the houses there. It's in the side of the Pasig River in Rosario, Pasig City where I passed everyday when going to work.

I had this disapproving mind over the growing number of billboards. I think it should be placed only on highways or on places away from the residential areas because it's a big hazard to people and a great disaster on storm and typhoon.

In case you don't know advertisers pays big amount of money for these billboards to be placed on top of buildings or houses the reason why people exchange their safety. With the recent economic crisis befalling our country people tend to think of their stomach rather than the risk they're facing when they let businessmen advertise their products through billboards.


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