Cultivating Positive Attitude Towards Life

>> Wednesday, July 19, 2017

More often than not, many of us find it difficult to cultivate a positive attitude on a consistent basis. It's human nature to make even small problems seem bigger than they really are. This is why it's important to begin the practice of being mindful of our attitudes and views on a daily basis. This self-awareness makes us more aware of our thought patterns and triggers. If we can catch a negative thought before it forms solidly, we can more often than not curb its disastrous effects on our attitude. 

Taking Inventory

The first part of cultivating a positive attitude begins by paying attention to how we react to normal everyday setbacks. Do setbacks make it difficult to move on to other things and focus? Do we find ourselves spending an unusually large amount of time on them? Do we tend to make small things bigger than they are? Do you fly into a rage every time you have to replace the Kenworth t600 parts on your truck? These are all questions that you should ask yourself because they hold the vital keys to your success in terms of developing a positive attitude.

Decide on a Course of Action
Once you've become aware of your behavior patterns and trigger points, decide on a course of action or attitude to put into place when you experience these bouts of negative thinking. Will you stop and meditate for 5 or 10 minutes? Will you practice breathing exercise? Perhaps it might be helpful to take a break from struggling. Whatever course of action you decide on, make sure that you are consistent.

Put it in Action Once you've gotten the observation, and action piece to the puzzle in place, apply the strategies that you decided to use as a solution. Slow down, take a break, or simply breathe. Whatever you decided to do in response to your negative thoughts should be practiced consistently. If you've chosen a strategy that doesn't work, try something different.

Most of us don't fully realize that we are not obligated to accept negative thinking. We can become mindful enough to address negative thoughts when they rear their ugly heads. However, it's a commitment that must be kept every time a negative thought threatens to ruin your sunny day. Practice dealing with your negative thoughts in a healthy manner. It will make a huge difference.


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