Working With a Nice Boss

>> Thursday, November 10, 2016

I’m always full with loads of work these days and most of the times I even work after regular working hours. My overtime work is free but I really don’t mind because I don’t want pending jobs on my desk. My work consists mainly of varied engineering reports and it takes great percentage of my time. I sometimes spent lesser time in administrative duties due to volume of reports to be submitted. 

Well don’t get me wrong I enjoy my job despite those tiring hours of doubling my efforts to finish everything on time. That’s what making my mind busy away from the usual everyday stress of life. I love my work and I’m learning so much from my boss who never fails to amaze me with his work dedication and untiring efforts to give his best to all projects that he handles. 

I wonder if he has time to listen to music these days because we have some work problems on hand. If he has the time I know he would have bought additional musical items for his music studio like bass guitar, podfarm, nice accessories and some other music gadgets that fancies his mind. He is such a kind boss and very cool in the sense that he talks to us with humor at times. He’s very competitive in his field but keep his profile low for us to be able to reach him. Maybe his fondness to good music is the key to his very relaxed attitude.


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