Graduation Gift Ideas

>> Friday, February 12, 2016

My niece is graduating from junior high school and she’s thinking carefully what she plans to take and where to study for her senior high school. She’s very competitive and excels not only in academics but extra-curricular activities as well. She’s an athlete playing volleyball and badminton and also very keen on photography. I think she’ll be taking Arts or something related but the school is not yet decided upon. Anyway she can continue studying in her present school if they will offer what she wants for senior high school. 

My brother, her Dad is thinking of some nice graduation gifts for her like high school class rings -, a branded watch, gadget or some accessories for her favorite sports but my niece wants to choose for her own. Maybe she’ll just choose and tell it to my brother so he can buy what she really wants. I also did the same to my two daughters. I asked them what they want and saved for the specific gadget they want. I also want jewelry for them at that time but they can’t choose because they’re not familiar with jewelries. Maybe when they graduate from college they would want a special ring for the occasion, a college ring or some nice necklace or bracelet. Whatever it will be it will serve as a memorable token from me to them.


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