Learning and Playing Musical Instruments

>> Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Last year we planned to enroll Josh in violin playing class but due to some reasons he chose to enroll in keyboard class. One of our reasons was our need to train a child to play keyboard in our church as no one has the eagerness and penchant for keyboards. Almost all wanted to play either guitar or drums and as keyboard is very important in worship songs we encourage our son in his love for playing keyboard instrument. He also wanted to learn violin but the instrument he meant to use was sold mistakenly, it was intended to be given to Josh but apparently there’s a miscommunication. 

Anyway Josh is very young and he can still learn it if he wants. I heard one of his classmate whispered to one of their mentor on what makes a good violin and overhearing it I made some research so when the time comes that my son will start the violin school I know what to choose for a good sounding quality violin.


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