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>> Monday, August 11, 2014

All my previous jobs taught me several things and gave me work experiences that enhanced not just my education but skills as well. Even though my career path traverse through a different road from computer engineering to human resource, administration and accounting I feel so blessed that God has helped me succeed in an entirely different world of expertise. After just 5 years of practicing my college degree I was geared to learn various aspects of work by the training and trust given to me by my kind employer. As my obtained degree in College is really different from my passion the chance given to me was just perfect because I was also given the chance to enhance my writing and finance abilities. I took the shift as a good thing and mastered my newly found craft which gave me financial stability throughout my working years.

Two years ago when I was in a pioneering company they introduce me to another untraveled career path which is all about sales. I’ve had some small stints previously in a minor Telco company but it’s not really a full time sales job. Well the company opened a new world to me where I had undergone a formal training in sales and on the high technology equipment and gadgets we’re selling. The training gave me not only knowledge and techniques but confidence as well as how to handle calls and meetings with prospective clients.

Providing good quality training and sales ideas are a plus to train sales force into making good sales of whatever products they offer. Sales is more than just making money out of your saleable goods but learning the best side of the craft as well. By way of knowing how to learn sales training techniques online you can improve your selling skills, learn better techniques, and use the best content available to achieve your sales goals.

It’s good that there are sites that help sales people and account executives to get valuable sales resource, sales practices and processes, principles, learning units with quizzes and all available techniques on optimum sales results. Well it’s not that late for others to try the world of selling, who knows? You might be the next best salesman/saleswoman in the world.


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