High Tech Booths at the Trade Fair

>> Monday, January 27, 2014

Two years ago in my previous company we were busy with preparing company brochures, promotional videos and demo equipment for our booth in trade fair. The trade fair was hosted by one of the major telecoms company in the country and they invited us to participate in the fair to introduce our products and help some companies in providing gateway and storage solutions. It’s my first real fair in Telecoms and I welcomed the experience. 

When the trade fair happened I was amazed not just in our own booth but in others as well. There are plenty of participants and not just in the telecoms industry only but in other fields like internet, construction, appliances, printing, phone solutions and a lot more. I opt to see the highly innovated ones first as I’m always interested to see high tech gadgets. There are video and audio equipment like alesis io4 which provides audio-recording interface and the guests welcomed the very informative demo aside from the background music created by the very impressive sample videos.

Well we also had our own viewers who were so impressed with our cloud storage solutions and gateway equipment. The business development manager of the host telecom company had a meeting with our boss and arranged a trial demo for bulk orders. The fair went well for two days and we enjoyed every moment of it. It was a nice exposure and promo for our products as well.


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